Author: Clare Holt

Our new-look Tributes

Over 50% of MuchLoved's users now access their tributes on smartphones and small hand held devices. The content our users upload is precious and needs to be clearly visible.

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Embed your Tribute Funds into your website with our new Create and Search API widgets.

Two new API widgets from MuchLoved allow your supporters to Search for a tribute or Create a New Tribute from

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Personalise Tributes more with Beautiful Themes

Imagine families and friends visiting a Tribute and immediately the spirit of their loved one is evoked.  Our Tribute themes capture

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British Lung Foundation Case Study

“MuchLoved’s bespoke service provide us with the perfect platform for our Breath of Life Funds. It gives our supporters

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Transferring your Tribute Funds to MuchLoved

The Christie Charity have recently upgraded from another service to MuchLoved and are delighted with all the improvements.


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Kirkwood Hospice's Tribute Funds help them to build a rapport with their supporters

"Our tribute scheme is starting to grow very nicely indeed. One fund is approaching £30k and a couple of others are over £10k.

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Promoting Tribute Funds on Facebook is a great way to engage supporters

Parkinson's UK are successfully promoting Tribute Funds through their Facebook page.  Their most recent post got them 268 likes,

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