Celebrating this Father's Day

1 June 2020

Engage with supporters and raise funds this Father's Day - and it doesn't cost you anything

Father's Day can be a difficult time for so many people, if they're bereaved or missing a loved one. This year with families likely to be separated in some way it will be especially hard.

Dedication Pages are an easy and quick way to offer support to not only your bereaved supporters, but also your wider supporter base, and help raise vital funds at the same time.

Our Dedication Pages have been hugely successful in helping charities generate funds, particularly in these difficult times, through emergency appeals, virtual events and seasonal celebrations like Mother's Day. They are a vital digital fundraising tool, allowing you to fundraise quickly and easily online, at no additional cost.

An example of a Dedication Page, with photo gallery and messages

A page allows your supporters to upload a photo and a message onto a shared page, and you can ask for a donation to your work at the same time - or not - the choice is yours. Photos then appear on the shared gallery, encouraging them to share the page even wider amongst their networks.

The best bit

Even better, they're FREE for our charity partners. Simply supply us with images and text and we'll create the page for you, in a matter of days.

Share the page far and wide, encourage supporter participation and raise funds for Father's Day while social distancing. What more could you want?

Learn more about Dedication Pages and the different ways they can support your fundraising.

To find out more about our Dedication Pages, or about becoming one of our partners, contact our support team on 01494 722818 or email us at support@muchloved.com


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