Increasing In-memoriam Donations

18 December 2019

Your MuchLoved Service gives you two fantastic products:

  • Tribute Funds
  • Dedication Pages

The perfect tools to help you engage with your in-memoriam donors.


Raising awareness, and understanding how Tribute Funds can be a positive tool for your in-memoriam donors, gives you a perfect campaign opportunity to develop your relationship with them. Tribute Funds provide the perfect platform for in-memoriam donors and will increase vital in-memoriam profile and income for your charity.

Tribute funds provide your supporters with a special place that is dedicated to the memory of their loved one.  Share this tool with your fundraising colleagues, so that everyone within your organisation who comes into contact with an in-memoriam supporter has the confidence to offer this product.  Through customised references within MuchLoved's service, Tribute income can easily be allocated back to another Department's budget, for example Events, Marketing.

One of the lovely features of Tribute Funds is that they can be used either in the short term or long term, collating all aspects of fundraising in one place, regular gifts, matharons, cake sales  – a great way for in-mem supporters to keep total control of all aspects of their Fund, including how long they want to keep it.

heres to 2020 - 6

MuchLoved Tribute Funds enable your supporters to have a place to remember in so many ways -  lighting a candle, sharing & upload pictures and dedicating any fundraising achievements in memory of their loved one – but, importantly, a way of encouraging additional donations for your charity.


Beautiful bespoke fundraising pages, Dedication Pages offer supporters the option to make a one-off donation allowing them to leave a message and photo.  They are completely separate to Tribute Funds, especially designed for those supporters just wanting to make a one-off  donation as opposed to ongoing support.

Men Now dedication page on mobile


With Mother's Day and Easter on the horizon, why not get a Dedication Page set up to link to any seasonal campaigns you're planning?  Or maybe a supporter would like a personal Dedication Page to support their Spring/Summer wedding?   Just contact us and we'll get your page set up for you!

Dedication Pages can be set up in minutes and are completely customisable with your own branding:

● Fully responsive across all devices types
● Provide charities with the option to upload their own GDPR marketing consents
● All activities can be tracked through Google Tag Manager
● Donations can be optional or prevented, giving full flexibility in their use
● Dedication Pages can be time limited and after the campaign has expired, set to ‘read only’
● Dedication Pages can link directly through a charity's website
● Easily promoted via social media channels

To find out more information about Dedication Pages and GriefChat, plus tips about how to get the most out of your  Tribute Fund scheme, please get in touch by emailing or calling the office on 01494 722818.


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