Snowdrop Success

27 May 2020

How one Hospice raised £22,000 in ten weeks

St Christopher's Hospice have been fundraising in memory for some time, but in early April 2020 decided to take the next step and sign up to MuchLoved, becoming an Optimum Partner. This was in response to the Covid-19 crisis, and the consequent impact on funerals and acts of memorialisation. In the ten weeks since they started using MuchLoved, St Christopher's have raised over £22,000 through their Tribute Fund.

Some feedback from Tribute Fund users at St Christophers:

“JustGiving forces you to set a target, which doesn’t feel right for this. I’d prefer to have a Snowdrop Fund because it feels more personal – and it lasts forever.”

“It was as easy as you said!"

Rachel Hedley, Legacy and in Memory Fundraiser at St Christopher's told us how using the MuchLoved platform has helped them raise more funds, and provide better care for their bereaved supporters.

"The Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent impact on funerals and acts of memorialisation led to St Christopher’s launching its Snowdrop Funds and online funeral collections in early April 2020.  Under ‘normal’ circumstances, many patients’ families and friends choose to remember their loved ones by supporting St Christopher’s. By becoming Optimum partners, St Christopher’s was able to make it easy for those families to gather in memory donations as well as providing a virtual space to share thoughts, condolences and memories.

There has been a steady uptake in funds since launch and the partner dashboard and tools which enable us to easily help set up or manage the funds are particularly useful. Having said that, we implemented the widget so all anyone needs to set up a fund is access to our website and the name of the person they are setting up the fund for.

Launching the funds gave us the opportunity to simplify and streamline our giving in-memory pages, which has given our bereaved supporters a much better in memory fundraising experience."

Visit St Christopher's Snowdrop Fund page

Setting up and using MuchLoved was easy and simple to do for St Christopher's, and for their supporters. Utilising the tools in the admin area means they can respond to supporter enquiries and provide personalised supporter care quickly and easily.

Top tip: Preempt any supporter questions or concerns, and have FAQs or further information easily available, like St Christopher's. Having this clearly visible reassures supporters and means they don't need to contact you with any initial questions, removing one possible barrier to tribute creation.

Picture of FAQs from St Christopher's Hospice Snowdrop Fund

If you are already a partner and need a refresher on how using the platform can help you raise in memory funds, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 01494 722818 or email


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