Winter Update: What's New at MuchLoved

8 November 2022

Our latest update sees some big changes to our search function, as well as some changes to your reporting area. Read on to find out the full details.

Everything in One Place

With our latest release in November 2022, we've changed the search function of our platform. Instead of having to search by name or reference in multiple places, now you can search for one key term in the search field, and the system will bring up all corresponding results, including tribute pages, donors and tribute owners, for you to choose from.

Watch our short video for a quick run through of the new updates:

Quicker and easier to use, this means you now only have to search in one place for any information you need. We've got a detailed video explaining all the new search functions, and a step-by-step guide on our charity support site.

Updated Reporting Options

We've also made some changes to our reports, to make it easier to see everything you need.

We've added a new reporting area to your Partner Area - find it from the Reports menu. You can now:

  • Download the exact information you want at the click of a button, with our new data filters
  • Save your filter options for future use to save you time
  • Schedule these reports to automatically download at a time convenient for you

These more detailed reports will now pull information up to midnight the day before you generate the report.

For more details about these changes, and a step-by-step guide to our new reporting area, please visit your dedicated support site.

Being innovative is one of our core values as a charity, and we continue to work to offer the best possible service to all of our partners. If there's something that you think we could improve or develop, please do let us know, we always like to have feedback from our partners.

If you'd like to find out more about working with MuchLoved, and how we can support your charity, please contact us at 01494 722818 or email us at


Winter Update: What's New at MuchLoved
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