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Festive Fundraising

Christmas can be one of the best, and busiest times for fundraising. At MuchLoved we can help boost your fundraising quickly and easily this festive season. Find out more here.

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Making the most of your online in-memory content

A special guest post by Kate Jenkinson, in-memory consultant and researcher for the In-Memory Insight Consortium. Contact Kate at

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Dedication Pages are for life, not just for Christmas

Find out how MuchLoved's flexible fundraising pages, Dedication Pages, can help your charity fundraise and engage supporters throughout the year.

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Dedication Pages: Flexible Fundraisers

Find out more about all the ways your charity can use our incredibly versatile Dedication Pages to support your fundraising.

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Dedication Pages: What's New for Autumn 2021

We share the new updates to our Dedication Page service, that will allow our partners to get even more out of these flexible fundraising pages.

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How MuchLoved Makes a Difference

In-memory giving is becoming more and more important for charities to survive. But why MuchLoved? What difference does our platform make to your charity’s in-memory income? We speak to two of our charity partners to find out.

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Why Tribute Pages Matter

On a practical level, it's clear how MuchLoved can help your charity improve its in-memory income. But what do we offer the families that you support?

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A Look Back at 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. With Christmas just around the corner we look back to see what we have achieved together during this tumultuous year.

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